ZA yG Dedicated Ark Cluster

ZA yG Scorchedearth

ZA yG Ragnarok

ZA yG Aberration

ZA yG Genesis

ZA yG Extinction

ZA yG Lost Island

ZA yG Valguero

ZA yG TheIsland

ZA yG Genesis2

Mods on all server & maps

Structures Plus

Awesome SpyGlass

Tribute and Element Transfers

Editable Server UI

GSA Integration Mod


Rates and Multipliers

Difficulty = 1.0 

XP Multiplier = 1.0

Taming Speed = 2.5

Maturation Time = 2.5

Cuddle Time Interval = 0.75 

Mating Interval = 0.25

Egg Hatch = 2.5

Harvest Multiplier = 2

Base Character Weight = 500

Tribe Size = 8

Alliances = 4

Tribes per Alliance = 4

Max Wild Dino Level = 150

Nanny Imprint = 100%

Admin Logging = True

*All maps crosschat enabled with discord bridge

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Community Crunch 328: Fjordur Transfer Date, Community Corner, and More!

A meteor has made an impact on ARKpocalypse servers. They've been wiped clean & are ready for a new 30-day experience!

ARKpocalypse are monthly-wipe servers with higher than usual rates! Join by searching for "ARKpocalypse" on the session list! #playARK

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ZA yG Ark | FAQ's

All servers and maps part of the cluster is hosted locally is SA and in Germany. Server are dedicated Linux host managed by the same admins enjoying the game with players.

At the moment the cluster consist of 8 “official” maps with some test or experimental maps.


  • Ragnarok
  • TheIsland
  • TheCenter
  • Valguero
  • Aberration
  • Extinction
  • Genesis
  • The Volcano (Mod Map)
  • Crystal Isles
  • Gunsmoke (PvP)

Yes we do. We encourage all members playing on all the various servers to join our discord. We frequently post updates on server changes and up coming events to keep player in the loop as well as open discussions around the various games and improvements.

Join our discord here –

All maps are publicly accessible via the unofficial servers list in ARK but do not always appear.

You can access the servers directly via or using the links on discord in the ark-noticeboard channel.

Yes, we have not policy or rules preventing any players from joining. We do however enforce and ask that all players respect each other and help make ARK enjoyable for all player part of the community. 

On our discord we have a dedicated help channel for all players to open a ticket so an admin can reach out and assist with the issue at hand. We have active admins for the various game servers and once you reach out you will be assisted by an admin.

Nothing other than come and check out the servers. We spend a great deal of time making sure ARK remains fun and problem free for all players. 

We have Cross chat enabled on all maps to assist players with chatting with one another on various maps as well as in game admins to assist with any queries.